Colchester Foodbank

What’s the history?

During 2008 a number of folk started to think through and discussa way to respond to the gresh challenges presented by the Credit Crunch here in Colchester. A ‘Foodbank’ for Colchester has now been formed  that specifically supports families and indviduals that have suddenly found themselves in need.

What is the food bank?


The foodbank provides parcels of food in times of financial or emotional crisis. Each parcel is sufficient to tide people over for 2/3 days (often the duraion before grants kick in). This may be linked to support such as deby counselling and advice on seeking long term advice.

Who is helped?

Vouchers are given to registered care professionals (Social services, Health Visitors, Pastoral workers, etc) and then be given toclients to be exchanged for food at our distribution point at the Colchester Borough Council Customer Services Center at angel Court, High Street Colchester.

How is it be organised?

The method  of organisation is linked with the Trussell Trust, an organisation whose network supports Food Banks in over 30 towns and cities across the UK. the trust has an established management model and offers consultancy, marketing and network support. Look at